Wound Management & Suturing Kit + Special Offers

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*We are currently offering a discount if you purchase a 'Wound Management Kit' in conjunction with any Wound Management & Suturing course, you will get them both at the discounted price of £387+VAT* 

Normal cost of Wound Management kit = £198+VAT

Normal cost of Wound Management Course = £231+VAT

Normal Combined Price = £429+VAT

Special Offer: £387 +VAT 

*We are also offering a discount of the total price if you book onto the Sports trauma management on the 26/10/18 and Wound Management & Suturing on the 28/10/18 both of which are held at our premises in Cardiff.*

Normal Cost of Sports Trauma Management course = £363 + VAT

Normal cost of Wound Management Course = £231+VAT

Normal Combined Price = £594+VAT

Special Offer = £537+VAT 

**Please can contact the office if you wish to book any of these offers**  


Kit Content


The kit includes;

·        3 x Suture removal kit

·        2 x Staple gun + remover

·        2 x Small/medium/large latex medical gloves

·        2 x Anchored skin closure kit

·        2 x Topical skin adhesive 0.5 g

·        3 x Standard suture pack (containing; 1 x Treves forceps 13cm, 1 x Iris stitch scissors 11.5 cm, 1 x Kilner needle holder cm, 1 x T.O.E dissecting forceps 13 cm)

·       1 x 20 ml Normal Saline solution

·       1 x Sharps box

·       1 x Clinical waste bag

·       3 x 18 mm Sutures

·       3 x 27 mm Sutures

·       A training kit to practice your suturing skills. (contains; 2 x 4-0 18mm sutures, 1 x 3-0 27 mm suture, Soft leather sponge.)

     The training kit also includes a fine suturing pack plus containing; 1 x Kilner holder 14cm, 1 Iris stitch scissors 11.5cm, 1 x Toothed forceps 10 cm, 1 x Iris Non-toothed forceps 10cm, 1 x Crepe sterile paper, 1 x Tray with 2 integral pots, 2 x Dressing towels 43cm x 38 cm, 5 x Swabs 4 ply 7.5cmx7.5cm.



Are you a medical professional looking to update your suturing skills or perhaps learn a new skill altogether? Why not attend one of our wound management course’s, follow the link to visit the website or call the office on 02921 304 101.



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