Hi everybody, we're excited here at Lubas to say that we will be an exhibitor at this years annual Therapy Expo. 

Come visit us (in the area highlighted in orange!) and get updated on the latest CPR & Anaphylaxis guidelines announced in April. 

Delegates will be able to attend theory session's and then head straight to the training zone where they will carry out a practical with us! 

We will be rewarding certificates to all who successfully complete a practical session with us!
























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As a medical provider, you will have to deal with a medical emergency happening in your practice at some time.

When a patient is in your care you have a legal “duty of care” to that patient should they be taken ill. The unwell person may be a patient, relative, visitor or even a colleague and the emergency could take place anywhere within your practice or even outside the building.

To make your practice safe you should:


  • Discuss and agree the most appropriate and effective way to respond when someone is taken ill or injured:
  •  Discuss and agree the best place to keep your AED, emergency medical equipment and emergency drugs case.
  •  Decide what is the best way to communicate with your colleagues that their help is needed, such as alarm buzzers/bells, computer alerts or just shouting HELP!
  •  Who will be responsible for treating the patient?
  •  Who will call 999 and who will authorise when to call?
  •  Who will clear the waiting room of patients or can a room be made available to treat the unwell person away from the other patients?
  •  How will you manage an emergency outside the entrance to the building or in the car park?


Write a practice policy including:

  •  Location of medical equipment, who will check the equipment and how often.
  • A clear system for storing drugs and quickly identifying them when required.
  • Roles and responsibilities including assessing and treating the casualty, calling for help and ensuring patient confidentiality and dignity.
  •  Level of first aid cover required and how it will be provided at all times.
  •  Record keeping and restocking of drugs and equipment including frequency of checks.
  • Frequency of staff training.
  • Signage for location of AED, medical equipment and first aid trained staff.
  • Ensure that all staff are familiar with the practice emergency response policy and ensure it’s included during staff induction.


Ensure staff practice their roles and know their responsibilities:

  • Undertake regular staff updates to familiarise all of the contents of your policy and individual roles and responsibilities.
  •  Ensure all staff are up to date with annual CPR, AED and Medical emergency training including scenario training within your practice, ensuring training is specific to dental practice staff.
  •  Encourage staff to regularly review the contents of the medical equipment and drug case, including oxygen and drug delivery.


When a medical emergency or injury occurs:

  •  Assess the patient and identify a team leader to ensure the most appropriate medical treatment is given.
  •  Record drugs and times treatment given to the patient.
  • Be aware of the dignity, confidentiality and privacy of the patient.
  •  Give full information when calling an ambulance as the ambulance response will be made from the information given. Update the ambulance service if the patient’s condition changes.
  •  If possible, identify a member of staff to meet the ambulance crew outside of the building when they arrive.
  •  Do not delay starting CPR and using an Automated External Defibrillator if indicated, the worst thing you can do in a cardiac arrest is nothing!
  •  After the incident take time to reflect on the practice response without individual criticism but to review the practice policy and debrief.
  •  Ensure all clinical reports are completed and equipment and drugs are re-stocked for the next emergency.


Our first ever Dental CPD event down in the Ageas Bowl was a great success.  Thank you to all who attended.  It was an extremely valuable afternoon of talks and sessions that the audience of dentists, hygienists and practice managers and staff enjoyed.

Also we would like to thank the Ageas Bowl for providing the venue for this event and both Neil Ballard and Lyndon Meehan who delivered exceptional sessions at the event.



Targeted CPD sessions for different areas of the practice:

Our aim for the event was to provide dental practices in the Hampshire area with core verifiable CPD hours (and some non verifiable CPD).  As such we targeted different sessions for different sections of the practice. 

Paul Lubas’ session on ‘Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice’ was targeted for all staff members working in dental practices.

Neil Ballard gave a fascinating talk on how to benchmark success in dental practices which inspired an insightful debate in the audience.  He highlighted how some practices were able to charge different rates for the same services, how different practices worked different hours and still increased revenue and many of points.  The Practice managers really valued this talk in particular.

Finally our keynote speech by specialist sport dentist Lyndon Meehan ‘The management of dental trauma within sport’ was aimed at the dentists.  His talk was targeted at a high level providing cutting edge, specialist knowledge of the prevalence of dental trauma in sport and how to manage the types of injuries sustained.


Future plans for more events:

Following the great feedback we received from our attendee’s we are happy to announce that we will be holding more CPD events, not just for Dentists but also GP’s and sports medical professionals.

We learned a huge amount from running this event. We will use that knowledge to improve future events to make them larger and even more valuable.  Our goal is to have a number of sessions and workshops running concurrently so all levels of staff in the practice can benefit. However, if you have any suggestions on the types of event you would enjoy please get in touch at admin@lubasmedical.com with your ideas.

Overall it was a great success and once again, thank you to all who attended.

Watch this space.

We are glad to announce that our keynote speaker Dr Lyndon Meehan has confirmed the topic of his speech ‘Management of Dental Trauma in Sport’ for our free Dental CPD event down in the Ageas Bowl 7th July.

But before we dive into his speech, we thought we’d give Dr Lyndon the introduction he deserves.

Dr Lyndon Meehan BDS, BSc, MJDF (RCS Eng), PG Dip Endo:

Lyndon is passionate about Sports Dentistry.  He is one of the UK’s leading experts on the subject and we’re proud to have him speak at our event.  His insights into dental trauma within sport are of real value to  both dentists and dental practitioners.

His career

Lyndon is a general practitioner splitting his working week between Morriston Hospital in Swansea and as a Staff grade Restorative Dentist and private general practices.  He is currently about to take up an Endodontic position at Kings College Hospital London centre for Dental trauma.

Sports Dentistry

Lyndon has supported many sports organisations and teams over the last 6 years.  He is currently the club Dentist to Cardiff City FC and Pontypridd RFC.  Internationally he provides dental advice and cover during campaigns and on match days to the Welsh football association and all Welsh Rugby Union sides.

He also provides advice on Dental trauma to the England and Wales cricket board and several national county cricket sides.  Most recently he provided dental treatment and advice in the Athlete’s village polyclinic during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics games.

Aside from all of that he is also a member of the International Academy of Sports Dentistry and is a part of the sports dentistry research team with the Eastman Dental Institute and has lectured nationally on sports dentistry.

‘The Management of Dental Trauma in Sport’

Dr Lyndon’s wealth of experience in this field makes him the perfect person to speak on the topic.  His 1 hour (verifiable CPD) talk with cover the following topics:

  • Sports dentistry within Sports Medicine
  • Dental trauma prevalence within sport
  • Dental trauma classification assessment and immediate management
  • Splinting for Dental trauma and storage media
  • Endodontic considerations; challenges and consequences of dental trauma/ treatment planning phases
  • New techniques for paediatric dental trauma (pulpal revascularisation)
  • Prevention and mouth guards
  • Treating the professional sportsperson from a dental aspect

We’re really excited to have Lyndon provide the keynote presentation for this event.  It will be of real value to dentists and dental practitioners.

If you would like to learn more about our CPD event down at the Ageas Bowl then you can contact us directly on 02920487291 or email at info@lubasmedical.com. 

We would like to invite you to attend a Dental CPD event we are holding in collaboration with the Ageas Bowl.This is the first time we have joined together to hold a CPD event specifically for dentists in and around Hampshire.  For this reason the first event will be free to attend.

The session will be introduced by our director Paul Lubas and will feature a presentation by leading sports dentist Lyndon Meehan on the management of dental trauma in sport.In addition Paul Lubas will be running a CPD workshop on medical emergencies in dental practices.Specialist Dental Accountant Neil Ballard will also speak on benchmarking in dental practices


Date: 7th July 2014

Time: 14:00 – 20:00

Venue: The Ageas Bowl, Hampshire

This event is free to attend; registration is limited to 2 per dental practice.  Registering your attendance in advance is essential.


14:00 – 15:00 Registration and Coffee
15:00 – 16:00 CPD workshop: ‘Managing Medical Emergencies in Dental Practices’
16:00 – 16:30 Break
16:30 – 17:30 Talk from Neil Ballard of Lewis Ballard Ltd: Benchmarking in Dentistry
17:30 – 18:30 Free Buffet
18:30 – 19:30 CPD talk from Lyndon Meehan: ‘Management of Dental Trauma in Sport’
19:30 – 20:30 Networking




Dr Lyndon Meehan BDS, BSc, MJDF (RCS Eng), PG Dip Endo: Specialist Sports Dentist

 Dr Lyndon is a leading specialist in sports dentistry.  He currently works with Cardiff City FC, the Welsh Rugby Union and the Welsh FA.  He is also Sports Dental Advisor on the Dental trauma UK and represents the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the UK Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine board meetings.



Paul Lubas Cert ED (FE), REG PARA: Managing Director Lubas Medical

Paul is a registered Paramedic who has specialised in training high quality resuscitation courses within primary care for over 20 years. He provides training on behalf of the Wales Deanery for the Dental Post Graduate departments in local Universities and hospitals.



Neil Ballard: Managing Director of Lewis Ballard Ltd (Dental Specialist Accountants)


Neil Ballard specialises in providing financial advice to dental practices.  His company are a progressive firm of accountants who focus on helping their clients determine and then achieve their work life balance.


How to book your place:

This event is a great opportunity for you to increase your CPD hours, network with other dental professionals in Hampshire and watch the cricket all for free.

If you would like to attend then please reply to the following email address info@lubasmedical.com.  It would be great to see you come down but we only have a limited number of spaces available so it’s first come first serve.

You are entitled to 2 free places for this event.

For any questions or queries about this event or about any of our medical training and services please feel free to contact us on 02920487291, or visit www.lubasmedical.com for more information on the specific courses we run.





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