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Wound Management and Suturing for Sports Professionals

We offer group bookings with discount
7 Hours £231.00 per person ex VAT. Location: Pinewood Studio Wales, Wentloog Avenue, Rumney, Cardiff CF3 2GH

Comments: There is a Sports Trauma Management course on 26 & 27 October, if you attend both courses, a 10% discount will be applied. Please contact the office if wishing to attend both courses

Wound management and suturing skills for sports professionals

Course details

The management of open wounds is one of the most common skills required by pitch-side healthcare staff.

This course is aimed at developing the wound care skills of healthcare professionals covering sporting events.

Purpose of the course

The wound management and suturing course will develop your assessment, care and management of wounds and teach basic suture, glue and staple techniques, appropriate for healthcare professionals working in sport.

Who should attend

Doctors, Physiotherapists, Paramedics, and any Health Professional responsible for the management of wounds in sport.


Courses are run over one day (7 hours) at the Cardiff Medicentre, University Hospital of Wales Cardiff, by Dr Neil Warren.

Course content

  • Develops basic wound assessment techniques.
  • Provides the knowledge required to identify serious and minor wounds.
  • Provides skills required to identify wounds which are appropriate for closure ‘in the field’ and which are not.
  • Provides skills required to identify wounds requiring specialist treatment.
  • Teaches the appropriate selection of sutures, needles and equipment
  • Identifies safety issues
  • Provides the skills to correctly prepare and suture simple cuts.
  • Offers alternative wound closure techniques including staples and glue.
  • Clarifies legal issues
  • Identifies how to implement correct follow-up and referral procedures
  • Provides continual professional development


Lubas Medical Wound management and suturing certificate.

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