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I-Gel Advanced Airway Management

Course Details

Our I-Gel advanced airway management course is specifically designed for healthcare professionals in the GP surgery, dental practice, nursing homes or other clinical settings. It includes assessment of an airway, manual airway management techniques, airway adjuncts (Oral-pharyngeal and nasal-pharyngeal airways) as well as advanced, supraglottic, airways. This course also meets the requirements for verifiable continuing professional development (CPD).

Purpose of the course

This is a certificated training course that outlines the importance of airway management in the healthcare setting. You will learn the key principles of airway assessment and the risks associated with a compromised airway. You will also learn which airway device to use and the benefits, plus the contra-indications with each device. You will also get practical training on inserting the devices.

Who Should Attend

The course should be attended by any healthcare professional working in a clinical environment with a duty to respond in an emergency. It also complies with CPD requirements and annual appraisal documentation.

Duration of the Course

The course lasts for 1-1.5 hours

Course Content

  • Anatomy and physiology of the airway
  • Assessing an airway
  • Manual airway management techniques
  • Airway adjuncts, correct sizing and insertion techniques of:-
    • Oral pharyngeal airways
    • Nasopharyngeal airways
    • Supraglottic airways (I-Gel)
  • When and how to use and I-Gel
  • Design, composition and functions of the I-Gel
  • Practical I-Gel insertion technique using airway manikin
  • The use of I-Gel in a CPR scenario
  • Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines