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Essentials of Infection Prevention and Control

Course Details

Our Infection prevention and control course is specifically designed for staff in the GP surgery, in residential and nursing homes or any other healthcare site (e.g. Physiotherapy clinic, chiropractic clinic sports therapy clinic etc.). It covers hand hygiene and cross infection measures that are essential to these clinical areas. This course also meets the requirements for verifiable continuing professional development (CPD) and annual appraisal.

Purpose of the course

This is a certificated training course that outlines the importance of infection prevention and control in the healthcare setting. You will learn the key principles of good hand hygiene and the risks of cross infection as well as the legal and local trust policies on waste management, Audit and documentation.

Who Should Attend

The course should be attended by any person who works in a healthcare setting and comes into contact with patients or clients. Also staff members who have a responsibility for waste management, audit and reducing the risks of cross infection. It also complies with CPD requirements and annual appraisal documentation.

Duration of the Course

The course lasts for 2 hours

Course Content

  • What is Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI)?
  • How is infection spread in healthcare settings?
  • Everyone’s responsibility
  • The chain of infection
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Decontamination
  • Sharps and Clinical Waste
  • Audit and documentation