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Fire Training

Course Details

Keeping you safe. Keeping you Legal

Every company or organisation must have their own Fire Marshal (warden) to be appointed where necessary.

Purpose of the course

Lubas Fire Marshal Training is a certificated course that defines, assists and instils confidence to those given the role of responsible person in the workplace.

You will learn the essential skills needed in both emergency and none emergency areas of being a Fire Marshal. Our Fire Marshal training complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Health & Safety legislation.

Who should attend

The course should be attended by your designated responsible person(s) or anyone given the responsibility of managing or co-ordinating an emergency involving fire. A Lubas Fire Risk Assessment (link) will help you to make the correct decisions when designating Fire Marshals.

Duration of the Course

The course lasts for 3 hours

Course Content

  • Fire safety law and risk assessment principles
  • Routine and emergency duties of a fire marshal/warden
  • Action upon hearing the fire alarm
  • Means of escape The fire triangle - how to raise the alarm and choose the correct fire extinguisher
  • Human behaviour in fire situations
  • Evacuation principles/techniques and the management of assembly points
  • Identifying fire hazards in the workplace
  • Arson prevention
  • Liaison with the emergency services
  • Identification of fire extinguishers (optional)
  • Operation of fire extinguishers (optional)
  • Basic fire fighting techniques (optional)


Lubas Fire Marshall certificate valid for 1 year.

To book a course in house, please contact us for further information.