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CPR, AED and Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice

CPR Courses for Medical Professionals

As a healthcare professional, it is your duty to keep your skills and knowledge up to date, giving your patients the best possible treatment and care.

Our CPR courses meet the relevant CPD requirements for all your medical staff. We offer a variety of programmes for dentists, hygienists, general practice staff, and so forth; these include: You’ll find a full list of Lubas Medical’s CPR training courses on the website:-

Lubas Medical

In addition to teaching advanced CPR for medical professionals, we can also provide basic CPR training courses for people outside of the medical field. If you can’t find a course that’s relevant to your role, and we can accommodate you.

CPR Training – Course Content

Our professional resuscitation trainers will cover a variety of important points during any of our CPR courses. We’ll teach you how to administer CPR and other resuscitation techniques safely and efficiently for both adults and children. Your training will ensure you will be brought up to date on all current CPR guidelines and legislation within your practice.

(Note that the UK Resuscitation Council recommends an annual refresher course to keep your CPR skills up to date. We provide refresher courses in addition to our standard CPR courses, so please bear us in mind when it’s time to renew your training.)

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice


To enable the attendee to identify common medical emergencies and manage them in accordance with current Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training the attendee should be able to:
  • Recognise signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies, including, Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Stroke, Diabetes, Fits/Seizures, Angina
  • Identify the drugs and equipment required for the management of medical emergencies in dental practice including the use of oxygen.
  • Describe the indications and method of delivery of drugs held in dental practice for dental practitioners and dental care professionals.
  • Demonstrate the correct procedure for intramuscular drug injection (including Epipen) and administration of other emergency medications held in dental practice.